Typeface Designer: Andrea Leksen

Aug 25, 2013

During my first ever Typecon conference, I had the pleasure of meeting a graphic designer, educator, and newfound typeface designer.Andrea Leksen is an adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University. I sat down with Professor Leksen and picked her brain about the process of designing her first typeface, Bemis. The way Bemis came about was somewhat… Continue reading

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Client to Designer Relationship

Aug 16, 2013

A few years ago, if someone were to ask me what it meant to be a designer Id have said, Well, it means that you design logos and cool looking stuff. Oh what several years of maturation will do to you. In the time that Ive spent at my studies at Oregon State University, and… Continue reading

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LinkedIn 101

Aug 15, 2013

LinkedIn, a powerful asset for anyone’s professional repertoire, can essentially be boiled down to3main things. The ability toconnect,empower, andeducateyour life. Later this month, on the 18th of August, I will be hosting a free seminar to help individuals new to LinkedIn get the most out of it. This post is meant to give individuals who… Continue reading

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