Welcome to the BIS Club Website!

The BIS Club is run by students majoring in Business Information Systems (BIS). If you have been accepted in the BIS major you are already a member! And you don't even have to be an BIS major in order to participate in the activities hosted by the BIS Club. We like to include everyone to our events as we feel they can help many succeed in life during and after college.

Officers and Contact Information (Academic year 2017-18)

Co-presidents: Aleksa Wood (woodale@oregonstate.edu) and Matthew Morawiec (morawiem@oregonstate.edu)

Webmaster: Ryan Warrick (warrickr@oregonstate.edu)

Faculty advisor – V.T. Raja (rajav@oregonstate.edu)


Get connected with OSU BIS club! Our weekly meetings are your ticket to connecting with your BIS community, getting information about scholarships, networking with IT professionals, and developing strong connections with CIOs from companies across the Northwest.  

When: Tuesdays at 6:00 - 7:00 PM (no meetings in week 1, dead week and finals week of each term)

Where: Austin Hall Room 270

For details, see BIS Club calendar.

Email Listserv

To receive emails and notifications: sign-up for the BIS Club email listserv. Fill out your information, and that's it! (When you sign up, make sure(!!!) to check your settings. If you set messages to be delivered only once every x number of days or weeks... well, then you will only receive them once every, ..., you get the picture) -- Welcome Aboard.