Welcome to the Kapptivatin' Kappa Chapter
 of Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Inc.
at Oregon State University.


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Upcoming Events

Saturday April 25th 2015

 Celebrating 15 years of exceptional service and dedicaiton to our community at Oregon State Univeristy

2014 Scholarship Recipient Announcement 

Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Inc.- Kappa Chapter is proud announce our annual scholarship winner.

Congratulations to Capreece Kelsaw!

Capreece is in the university exploratory program at Oregon State University. She has a strong interest in pharmacy.

She anticipates pursuing a career where she will strive to give back to her community and individuals who have supported her along the way.

She is a student leader on campus as she participates in the black student union.

In high school, she was heavily involved in the black student union as she is one of their founders and with the Head Start preschool program.

We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to Capreece and the best of luck to her academic endeavors.

If you would like to apply for our annual academic
scholarship applications will be available fall of 2015.

If you would like to learn more about Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Inc. or are interested in becoming a sister of our wonderful family, please contact us at kappa@gammaalphaomega.com