Team Description:

Brownbags are informal lunchtime discussions of water topics among students. They provide a great opportunity to meet fellow students, relax, socialize, talk about water topics, and eat lunch. They occur approximately every other week throughout the academic year and generally focus on a theme or topic related to water. Format varies from week to week, from informal conversations to seminar-style presentations.

How to Get Involved:

Now Recruiting!

We are in the process of recruiting discussion leaders for the 2013 spring quarter brownbags. Brownbags will be held on Thursdays at noon during weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8. Contact the Brownbag Team if you are interested in leading a discussion or getting involved in planning brownbag events.

Brownbag topics can be on any topic of interest related to water and we encourage a diversity of topics. We suggest you spend no more than 1-2 hours preparing and bring a couple questions to get conversation going. Formats that have been used in the past include powerpoint presentations you have already prepared for classes or other events, news clips about current water issues, or photos from recent trips.

To see dates and topics of past and future Hydrophiles Brownbags, you can view the Hydrophiles calendar, look at our Facebook page, or check the H2OSU newsletter from the IWW for reposts.

Other Information:

Thanks to our fall and winter discussion leaders!

Although we still have a few more presentation to go, we would like to thank all of our 2012 fall quarter brownbag discussion leaders: Lauren Dennis, Noa Bruhis, Jordan Beamer, Lisa Hall, Maria Lewis and Drew Bennett.