Many of us want to change the world, but we don’t know where to start. This is where. We have created the Inventors Enterprise for the dreamers—for those courageous enough to pursue their ideas, and those who may need help along the way. IE is a place for the motivated and creative thinkers of our community to gather in the shared purpose of working together to advance our civilization on all fronts: technological, societal, and the overall welfare of humanity. We’re going to create inventions that will change the world. Want to help? Contact info is available below.

Current Projects

IE Smart Goggles

Scientists across the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering all require the use of complex tools while in the laboratory, as well as a method to log observations and experimental details. IE Smart Goggles will have the capability to display IR temperature readings, radiation level notifications, and relevant scientific documentation in a heads-up display. The Smart Goggles will also have voice recognition, video logging capability, and speech-to-text data recording. 



IE Gyga Byke (Hybrid Bike)

Commuters across the world are choosing to ride their bikes to their destinations with increasing frequency. This Inventors Enterprise group is designing a bicycle add-on that electrically propels the cyclist. The add-on can be charged at home via electricity, charged by stationary peddling (like a gym workout!), charged by regenerative braking on the road, and charged on steep downhills. Currently this group is in phase 1: building the energy generator.



IE Parking Garage App

Parking is a nightmare in nearly every populated city across the world. This Inventors Enterprise team is working on a smartphone application which can connect to parking garage cyberstructures in order to detect the nearest available parking across multiple parking garages in any well-defined area. The group is currently contacting parking garage supervisors in major cities and beginning the software engineering portion of the project.




Contact Information

President: Collin Muniz at

Vice-President: Noah Hoffman at

Secretary: Jacob Van de Lindt at

Club Email:

Club Meeting Times

Every Thursday 6:00 - 7:30pm in Austin Hall room 226.