Award Background

The Kerr Cup Outstanding Chapter award has been around in one form or another since the genesis of Greek life at Oregon State; the award is given out each year with the intention of celebrating and recognizing yearlong, all-around excellence by a specific chapter on our campus.

In addition to the Kerr Cup, The Peavey Plaque Most Improved IFC Chapter is available for all IFC Chapters to pursue.


2016 Scholar of the Year Award Application


2016 Scholarship Award Banquet 

The scholarship banquet is April 19th, at 7 pm at Kappa Alpha Theta. We are looking for nominations of faculty and professors who have in some way impacted the greek community. Each chapter can send any 3 members, and should RSVP them to me by april 10th.

Application Categories

The criterion for both the Outstanding IFC Chapter Award and the Most Improved IFC Chapter Award is based upon objective information about each fraternity at Oregon State University.

Category Weight
Academics 20%
External Involvement 20%
Greek Involvement 10%
Risk Management/Phsyical Plant 10%
Internal Operations 10%
Member Development/Education 15%
Recruitment Process/Retention 15%

Recent Updates to the Application

In 2013, a number of changes were included in this application:

  • Addition of a new category entitled "Recruitment Planning and Processes/Retention Rates & Practices" in the hope of incentivizing and encouraging values-based/dynamic recruitment along with healthy retention practices within the IFC community.
  • Combining the Kerr Cup and Peavey Plaque award applications into one application. Please be sure to denote which award you're applying for within the application you fill out for your chapter.

In 2015, IFC has acquire a new Social Policy for all chapters to follow.

  • IFC is working to build a strong Greek Week to encourage cross chapter interaction through friendly competition.

Award Selection Process

The recipients of these awards are selected by a committee led by the IFC VP of Education. Members of this selection committee will include but are not limited to select representatives from the IFC and PHC leadership, at least one leader from the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life, two representatives from the Greek advising leadership, one leader from the Corvallis community not associated with the University, at least two representatives from the University staff, a representative from the Center for Civic Engagement, and a few representatives from the ASOSU leadership.

Note: all of the information that is necessary for the selection of an Outstanding Chapter is available to the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life.  As a result, please answer all sections thoroughly, accurately and in a concise fashion.  Be candid in your presentation of your individual chapter.  Fabricated, inaccurate or misrepresented information or statistics will not be tolerated and could potentially be grounds for a removal of consideration of your respective chapter from the selection process.


Contact the IFC Vice President of Education