Nickname: DorADa

Number 4

Big Sister: Amalia Martinez DeTerminAda P.R.E.G.U.N.T.A.Z.

Little Sister: Jannette Diaz (KompassionADa #8)

Date of Birth: December 27th

Parents Names: Ismael and Beverly Chavez

Number of Syblings: Five brothers

Birthplace: Coosbay OR

Major: Public Health Minor: Spanish

How you heard about GAO: through an email listserv

The thing you find most challenging about being a sister of GAO: Time management with school, work and gamma. But with many terms of practice, this skill has improved.

The thing you love most about being a sister of GAO: Having a strong support network of sisters who truly are invested in your life, personal development and seeing you succeed.