Interfraternity Council (IFC)

We are the governing body for traditionally housed fraternities at Oregon State. In total there are 23 fraternities ranging from 5 to 150 members. IFC works to coordinate these fraternities, recruit new members and ensure the member chapters are successful and good student enviroments. IFC supports the motto: No matter what chapter you choose, you can't lose.

IFC Executive Committee 

IFC Exec is a group of men who are tasked with leading the IFC Community, and communicating with University. Elections for these executive positions take place each fall term. Each IFC Chapter can have a maximum of two representatives on this executive committee at one time. If you're interested in learning more about taking up one of these positions, contact the IFC President and the current holder of this position to start some discussions about how the position currently operates and how you could improve it!

IFC Chapters

IFC is composed of 23 chapters which provide a rich experience of philanthropy, leadership, academic success, networking, service, and (of course) brotherhood. IFC chapters are generally housed, offering a historic perspective of fraternity life. Some chapters have been at Oregon State for over a hundred years, and others have re-started or chartered here in recent years. Membership sizes vary from the twenties to over 100, and all offer their own unique sense of brotherhood within the general IFC community.