Tabletop Thursday, Fall Week 4

It's getting to be Midterm time... let's take a break and have a great evening of board games, card games, and general geekery.

November Sackett LAN

The Gaming Club @ OSU features it's monthly Sackett LAN for the month of November on the 22nd starting at noon going for 30 hours straight! Come down the the Sackett Gaming Room and play PC, console, and/or Tabletop games for 30 hours. This is a free event for all who are affiliated with OSU! Register at:

Tabletop Thursday, Fall Week 3

Another awesome Tabletop Thursday this week. We're steadily gaining members with the new year, and it's also great to see a lot of veterans and regulars back. What do we want to play, old favorites or new options?

Get more information on event location and club goings-on at our Facebook Page. Location information is in the sidebar!


Hey all! Hope everyone's classes are going well.

Students of Information Management

Welcome to the SIM Club Website!

The SIM Club is run by students majoring in Business Information Systems (BIS). If you have been accepted in the BIS major you are already a member! And you don't even have to be an BIS major in order to participate in the activities hosted by the SIM Club. We like to include everyone to our events as we feel they can help many succeed in life during and after college.

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