Pistol Team

OSU Pistol Team competes in the Willamette Valley Pistol League (WVPL).

Team reading material:  The Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol

We shoot 9 targets, 3 of each type in a typical match. This totals to 90 rounds, 100 points possible per target or 900 points possible in a match. Slow fire consists of 10 shots in 10 minutes loaded and shot at the shooter's choice of pace. Timed fire is 2 strings of 5 shots each with 20 seconds per string (approximately 4 seconds per shot), loaded and fired per the range officer. Rapid fire is 2 strings of 5 shots each with 10 seconds per string (approximately 2 seconds per shot), loaded and fired per the range officer.

WVPL competition target order:
Slow Fire 1 (S1)
Slow Fire 2 (S2)
National Gallery Match Slow (NGM S)
National Gallery Match Timed (NGM T)
National Gallery Match Rapid (NGM R)
Timed Fire 1 (T1)
Timed Fire 2 (T2)
Rapid Fire 1 (R1)
Rapid Fire 2 (R2)

What do you need to write on your targets on competition day?
On the front top-right of the target write what target it is (S1, S2, NGM S, etc.)
On front top right corner of your targets write the following (be sure to underline or circle or do something to show what team you are shooting for, the examples use underlines):

<First name> <Last name>
OSU vs <opponent abbreviation>
Date of match
<target type>

For example:
John Smith

Here is the 2013-2014 WVPL schedule (all match dates are subject to change by team captains):

Suggested Date Host - A - B Host - A - B Host - A - B
Sunday, January 5
Sunday, February 2
Sunday, March 2
Sunday, April 6

Make up matches must be completed by May 4th. (Does not mean on this date).

H = Host Team          A = Visiting Team #1          B = Visiting Team #2

First Match: Team A fires against Host at 9:00 am.
Second Match:  Team A fires against Team B at 11:30 am (approx.).
Third Match:  Team B fires against Host Team after Match #2.

If the 9:00 am team wants to reschedule, arrangements MUST be made with the other team captains!
In the event any team cannot meet the schedule, contact the opposing team captains as far in advance as possible.

ALB - Albany Rifle & Pistol Club
EEC - Emerald Empire Gun Club (no home range this season)
CRV - Corvallis Pistol Team 
FRC - Four Corners Rod & Gun Club
NEW - Newberg Rifle & Pistol Club (no team this season)
OSU - Oregon State University Pistol Club
PRP - Portland Rifle & Pistol Club
TRC - Tri-County Gun Club
VCR - Vancouver Rifle & Pistol Club