From left, back row: Erin Flannery (c/o 2018 Rep), Matt Achenbach (c/o 2018 Rep), Alix Elsen (c/o 2017 Rep), Kelsey Scanlan (c/o 2016 Rep), Cherise Hill (former Merchandise Chair), Erika Akerman (President), Kathyrn Schlaich (Sr. OVMA Rep), Hugh Duddy (Sr. SAVMA Delegate), Dr. Terri Clark (Advisor), Dr. Elena Gorman (Advisor)

Middle row: Keaton Judkins (Josh Project Coordinator), Miranda de la Vega (RHV Chair), Kendal Zwang (Events Coordinator), Kathryn Gaub (Jr. SAVMA Delegate), Dani Butler (Secretary), Kelsey Lawrence (c/o 2017 Rep), Lauren Clarke (Secretary-elect)

Front Row: Jess Rigling (President-elect), Laurel Anderson (Treasurer), Moriah Kaufman (IT Chair), Becca Gordon (Junior OVMA Rep)

Scheduled Fall Term events (Date, Time, Event, Location)

Date Time    Event


May 11th

12-1pm     Case Studies in Integrated Veterinary Medicine -Dr. Valentine M102
May 11th-14th 12-1pm SCAVMA Olympics! Come to the atrium to participate in fun games!  M102
May 13th  12-1pm Elanco Lunch Talk: The Behavior of Pain - Dr. Jacqui Neilson  M102 
May 14th  12-1pm

AVMA GHLIT Lunch Talk - Dr. Libby Wallace 

 May 14th  5-7pm VBMA and SCAVMA Present: Etiquette Dinner   M102
May 20th   12-1pm   Emergency and Critical Care Club Lunch Talk  TBA