Welcome to the home of the
Oregon State University Triathlon Club!

The mission of the triathlon club is to promote participation in the sport of triathlon by providing a network of training and racing opportunities to OSU students and affiliates of ALL ability levels. In addition, we strive to keep the cost of participating as low as possible for students. We want to promote healthy and active lifestyle through triathlon and keep the high costs associated with racing out of the equation. We believe that students should have full access to racing and training with out the high price tag normally associated with racing. The cost is partially offset by our wonderful sponsors. In addition, we work very hard in raising enough money each year to make that mission a reality. 


Fall Calendar

Date                Time               Event                                                                                      Location

10/4/14             see schedule     Weekend Practices Begin                                                        see schedule

10/5/14             12pm               Ultimate Frisbee Social                                                           Avery Park

10/11/14           12ish pm          First Pancake Breakfast (every other Saturday after the ride)                          Jake’s

10/13/14           6:15-6:45pm    Clinic: How to fix a flat                                                           Upper classroom

10/18/14           10am-5pm       Beaver Fever Loading and Set Up                                          Storage and PMS

10/19/14           6am-3pm         Beaver Fever Race Volunteering                                            Philomath

10/25/14           7am-12pm       Oregon Freeze Dry 5k Volunteering                                      Tangent Business Park

10/27/14           6:30-7:30pm    Clinic: How to create a training plan (spin class will start at 7:45)      Upper classroom

11/2/14             10:00am-1pm  Clinic: Underwater swim taping                                             Pool/lower class

11/8/14             12:00-4pm       Clinic: Bike Fit (By Appointment)                                          Nate and Kara's

11/16/14           12:00-2pm       Clinic: General bike maintenance                                           Bike Shop/lower class


Sep 30th, 7:30pm FURM 102

(Joyce Collin Furman Hall 200 SW 15th St Room 202)