For general inquires, please email <triathlon@oregonstate.edu>

President - Kevin Le <lek@oregonstate.edu>

Vice President - Joseph Unfred <unfredj@oregonstate.edu>

Treasurer - Emile Chol <chole@oregonstate.edu>

Secretary - Colette Pruitt <pruittc@oregonstate.edu>

Travel - Sage Fox <foxcon@oregonstate.edu>, Niki Hobbs <hobbsn@oregonstate,edu> 

Volunteer Coordinator - Jaden Boehme <boehmej@oregonstate.edu>

Recruitment - Dillon Blankenship <blankewy@oregonstate.edu> , Preciosa (Precious) Martinez <martinpr@oregonstate.edu>

Apparel - Ema Armstrong <armstrem@oregonstate.edu>

Webmaster - Preciosa (Precious) Martinez <martinpr@oregonstate.edu>

Social Coordinator - Nicole Krill, Anna Wheeler

Sponsorship - Bryce Thornton <sponsorship.OSUTriathlon@gmail.com>                                                                                                                   


We have over 100 members! Too many to list here, but you know who you are! If you are a sponsor and need a roster update, email triathlon@oregonstate.edu. Thanks!