Welcome to the Oregon State University Amateur Radio Club's Bi-Weekly net on 147.160 MHz with standard offset, PL 100 Hz.

This meeting is held every other Sunday at 7:30PM for the purposes of preserving collegiate amateur radio participation, and to discuss club business.  The next club meeting will be held in Snell 229 on Monday, November 27th at 5:30PM.

My name is <name>, <callsign> and I will be the net control this evening.

This is an informally directed round-robin net that welcomes check-ins from any station.

<Club business should go here!>

At this time we ask stations to check-in, please go ahead with your callsign.

<After checkins are complete>

Does anyone have any traffic they wish to share with the net?

<After traffic has been exchanged>

At this time, I am returning the repeater to normal operation.  Thank you for participating in the net.  This is <name>, <callsign> clear.