Preliminary Examinations

Part of being an Actuary is taking Actuarial Exams set by the SOA (Society of Actuaries) and/or the CAS (Casualty Actuarial Society). While still getting a degree at OSU, you can study and sit for exams outside of your coursework. Regardless of whether you decide to go the SOA route, the CAS route, or have no idea what those are yet, there are four exams that count towards each Society.  These are Exam P, Exam FM, Exam MFE, and Exam C. The 5th general piliminary exam is Exam MLC, counting for the SOA and the CAS, or Exam LC which only counts for the CAS.

Here is a link from BeAnActuary that shows all the possible preliminary exams. Clicking on an exam's title will bring you to an SOA page where you can see deadlines to register, fees, information on how to schedule your exam, and the syllabus for the exam. The syllabus will break down the topics covered by the exam, provided suggested texts and chapters to read, and provide other resources. The following are classes that OSU offers at various times that will help you prepare for the exam. Note, however, that many of these classes only cover parts of the exam material and the rest is up to you. Note also, that the order listed is not the order they must be taken in.

Exam OSU Courses
Exam P/1 MTH 361, ST 421
Exam FM/2 One of our advisors, Manny Hur, sometimes offers an Exam FM prep course (MTH 405)
Exam MFE/3 TBD
Exam C/4 TBD



Here are two links, one for SOA, and one for CAS, which show exam requirements to becoming a fellow of their organization.

Actuarial Science Award

At OSU, every Spring term the Actuarial Science Award is presented. This enourages and rewards students to complete exams while still in school. Students who pass their exams can get a full refund on the registration cost, and passing your first exam also refunds you the price of a basic calculator. However, you must contact our advisor, Manny Hur, before you take it.

For additional assistance or more information you can contact our club advisor, Manny Hur.