Get the right information.

Along the path of becoming an actuary there will be different resources to help you along the way. Having the right information at the right time will enure you make the appropriate steps to advance into the actuarial profession.

Actuarial Organizations

  • provides an overview of the directions one can pursue in the actuarial profession.
  • Society of Actuaries (SOA) administers the first 5 preliminary exams (1/P, 2/FM, 3F/MFE, 3L/MLC, and 4/C) which provide the start into the actuarial profession. Lots of current information on the actuarial profession can be found on this website. The SOA focuses on actuarial work in Life, Health, and Pension.
  • Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) focuses on actuarial work in the Property and Casualty fields. The CAS has a different examination and professional educatinoal path and provides the necessary information on their website.

Exam Materials

  • Coaching Actuaries is a top rated resource for exam preperation. They offer study manuals and have exam testing program ADAPT that will help you become exam ready.
  • The Infinite Actuary has products for exam preperation as well as skill building courses.
  • Actuarial Bookstore is a one stop location to purchase the study materials you need to acheive a passing score on your next exam.

Actuarial Community

  • Actuarial Outpost join the conversation and get advice on different challenges you may face along your actuarial progress.
  • find current and relevant conversations of how to be successful as an actuary
  • Actuarial Journey this resource provides free webinars for exam prep and finding employment in the actuarial profession. Also, a mentorship program is available for those seeking one-on-one guidance. 
  • Acturial Journey podcast this free podcast on iTunes offers two weekly episodes that provide insight into how to be successful as an actuary.