Welcome to Oregon State University! Welcome to ALAS!

The Association of Latin American Students - ALAS embraces citizens from all the countries in Latin America. Furthermore, all incoming students and members of the OSU community interested in Latin America are welcome to join ALAS.

Our purpose is to promote the unity of its members around the common cultural values while seeking for the identification, understanding and respect of each country’s culture. ALAS also contributes to the cultural richness of the Oregon State University, Corvallis and surrounding communities.

Currently, our association has more than 50 members enrolled in different undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as alumni and faculty. Our members come from almost every country in Latin America, which provides great diversity to our association. ALAS was founded in 1991 by a group of Latin American students who had the desire to build a community where Latin American students could share experiences and traditions, and exchange ideas.

We encourage you to navigate across our website, you'll find information about the events, pictures and videos of our cultural affairs and a lot of cool stuff.


The Association of Latin American Students at Oregon State University is a student-run association recognized by OSU and an affiliate of the International Student Oregon State University Association ISOSU.