First meeting of ALAS (October 9th, 2013)

Isabel (Peru), Alejandra(Mexico), Javier(Colombia), Gerson(Colombia), Barbara(Colombia), Raul (Peru), Rosalinda(EUA-Mexico), Anali(Mexico), Juan(Argentina), Jorge (Venezuela), Patricia(Colombia).



1) What ALAS is:

We represent the LAC region, and currently we have members from: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, España, Francia y EUA.

Board 2013 -2014:


We are one of 14 student organizations (for international students) affiliate to ISOSU that are sponsored by SEAC.

We receive approximately $5,000 every year and support from these 2 organizations to share our culture with the OSU community. We usually spend this money in the Latin Night.

3) The budget for this period.

The amount of money we receive every year depends upon our participation in ISOSU activities (mandatory)on the previous year. Since last year we had a 94% of participation, we have available for this year: $5.450.

6) Our participation with Casa Latinos Unidos at OSU.

We voluntarily participate in some of the activities that organizations at Casa Latinos Unidos have. This organization is an umbrella for Latino organizations at OSU, mainly for Mexican -American students.

They also have meetings every other week that we attend.

4) Last year activities.

The board of ALAS 2012-2013 prepared an annual report of all the activities we participated (With ISOSU and Casa LAtinos Unidos).

You can find it in the following link:

5) ISOSU activities 2013 - 2014. Highlighted are the mandatory activities. Some of them are for ALL ALAS members and some of them are for the BOARD of ALAS.


6) Upcoming events:

a) For ISOSU: Fall Harvest Festival - October 28th. We will need volunteers for the preparation of the event on the 27th and participants on the event on the 28th. We will send the detailed information for this as soon as ISOSU give it to us.

b) For Casa Latinos Unidos:

                  - "Altar del dia de los muertos": Volunteers to prepare an althar for "Dia de los muertos" on     October 27th.    Communicate with Alejandra Sanchez if you would like to participate.

                  -"Dia de los muertos around the world". We commit to send information about the celebration              of Dia de los muertos / Dia de los Santos (Nov 1st) in Latin America. We realized that besides               Mexico, no other country in Latin America celebrates Dia de los Muertos like they do, but we                   can send information of how we celebrate death in different cultures (independent of the day).                 If you want to share some of this information please contact: Alejandra Sanchez.

7) Social activities for ALAS

Halloween Latino 2013:  November 1st - A potluck - party. We are looking for a place to have this party for 40 people. There are some options, but if you have any idea, please let us know.

Have a Karaoke night at OWD:  Let's think when we would like to have this.

Miercoles de Guatatongo en Sanchos: Miercoles / Quarta Feira -  27 de Noviembre (just before Thanksgiving weekend)

8) Latin Night 2014:

*Looking for a theme as the umbrella for decoration, food, games, theater, etc.

                  - The World Cup

                  - Myth and legends

*Dances: There are always space for at least 5 dances... let's think which ones we could perform next year.  

If you have an idea for the theme/dances/theater/food etc. please let us know or share it with us at the following link:

9) Barbara Tovar is having her thesis research on power relationships in ALAS, so she will be taking notes on this matter.