Hi everyone!!!
We are so happy to have had such a great attendance to the meeting.
Thank you all for participating! It is going to be a great Latin Night 2014!

Isa(Peru), Ale(Mexico), Javi(Colombia), Gerson(Colombia), Raul(Peru), Omar(Ecuador), Rebeca(Brasil), Daniela(Brasil), Ligia(Brasil), Barbara(Colombia), Sebastian(Ecuador), Andrea(Colombia), Diego(Colombia), Pati(Colombia), Juan(Argentina), Jorge(Venezuela), Alfredo(Mexico), Eric(Costa Rica), Franco(Colombia), Rosalinda(EUA), Adriana(Ecuador), Juan Carlos(Mexico).

1) Latin Night 2014: The World Cup - The concept was explained, and it will keep taking form as the committees get together and work.

2) The organization to prepare the Latin Night is as follows:

Activities of the board of ALAS include: Logistics (contracts, meeting with MU, kitchen, etc.), Finances (budget, PRs, etc) and Marketing before the event and during the event: Stage and floor management.

We have 5 committees: Dance, Food, Design, MCs, and Decoration. ALAS members are going to participate actively in coordination with the board members.

Below is the link to the Committees sign up sheet . There are some people who have sign up already, but we need more help!! Please feel free to add your name and participate at the area that suits you better!. Please sign up before Jan 24th.


3) Things to work on this week:
 a) The MENU. Rebeca, Diego, Andrea, Juan and Isa are in charge of preparing options for the menu and talk to Derek (the main chef from OSU kitchen).
b) Isa, Javi and Raul are setting up a meeting with the MU to define the lay out.
c) Isa contacts OMC band :).
d) Pati contacts all the people who wants to dance to start the rehearsals.

Thank you again for your participation on the meeting, please sign up for the Committees and we will see you at the next meeting.

Have a great weekend,

Isa, Ale, Javi and Gerson