Hi all,

Thanks for going to the general meeting of ALAS this last Friday.
Attendance: Isa, Javi, Gerson, Raul, Clarice, Carlos, Zharita and friend, Andrea, Jorge, Liz, Francisco, Diego, Patri, Juan y Barbara.

Below are the notes:

1) Mandatory activities from ISOSU and SEAC. We need your collaboration in the first 2 activities:
a) Winter Olympics:
Open Ceremony :  MU lounge February 7th at 4pm. Refreshment will be provided. Everyone is invited.
b) ISOSU Winter Cultural Showcase:
ALAS wont perform in this event, but we are required to provide volunteers and attend the event. Volunteer sheets will be out later, We will let you now.
Sunday February 23rd:, 6:00 pm in MU Ballroom
c) ONLY For the BOARD: SEAC Training Feb 16th /  Sunday 3:00-5:00pm.

2) Latin Night 2014:
a) Food: This Committee met with the Chef of OSU to present the Menu for the Latin Night 2014. The Chef will help us to estimate the budget for the food and we hope we have this done by the following week. Attached is the Menu :).
b) Dances: We are presenting the following dances:
   Performed by ALAS members / rehearsals are starting soon! Thanks to all the dancers!
 - Ritmos del Caribe: Bachata/Merengue/Salsa.
 - Zamba Malato with alive music
 - Quadrilha
 - Danza de los Otavalos
 - Fin de Fiesta: Samba at the Sambadrome.. We are all dancing here.
  Performed by other collaborators/ Patri is coordinating these 2 presentations.
 - Jarabe Tapatio
 - Tango
 For most of the dances we are going to use customs from previous Latin Nights.
c) Logistics:
  - We have programmed our meeting with the MU people for Feb 12th to decide the layout.
  Alive music:
  - OMC will join us at the Latin Night :). Thanks Otto!
  - Dianita Pego will sing at the Latin Night :).. thanks Dianita!!!
d) Decoration:
   They will get together soon to start planning the decoration, they already have some ideas. Gerson will meet with them to prepare the budget.
e) After party: Erik McAdam is in charge! Thanks.

3) Barbara presented her thesis project to the new members of ALAS, research that is based on ALAS members interactions.

4) Social and other activities -  ALAS
 a) Run/ Walk 5k ALAS ... Analu will help up us with this event and we are moving it for May (when it's sunnier).
 b) Presenting your research to ALAS. We will look to have this event at the Spring term... Barbara will help us with this.
 c) Happy hour/ Brainstorming for:  What do you want from ALAS? We will meet sometime this term to discuss what ALAS can do for you as an international student at OSU (besides Latin Night and provide a social space). Also recruitment ideas, such as get the list of Latin Americans from the University and contact them / give information to OSU departments secretaries at the beginning of the term so they will contact us (thanks Jenny for this idea), etc.
d) We will have a Census soon. Barbara will help us with this.

5) Facebook, ALAS webpage and mailing list as means of communication
a) Facebook: We have this space to share information among the members. Everybody is welcome to post information that thinks it would be useful/interesting for all ALAS members, including social ones, housing requirements, etc. We post there the meetings reminders, notes from the meeting, create activities for people to participate, share pictures from ALAS activities, etc. Also, ISOSU and SEAC post their activities at our facebook wall.
b) The webpage :  http://groups.oregonstate.edu/alas/   We have official information on what ALAS is, the board, activities from previous years and some of the current activities. It is also linked to the ISOSU calendar and OSU news. We encourage you to go to the webpage and navigate it. On the other hand, we will update as much information as possible. Please let us know what do you think is important to have in the webpage!
c) The mailing list, This is our formal channel of communication. Trough the mailing list we send information about the meetings, the notes, Latin Night participation and some social "formal" events that ALAS hosts. Also, ALAS members share job opportunities, important talks at OSU, some social events too where all ALAS members are invited.

Please feel free to post on Facebook any activity that is going on at OSU campus that you think it will interest us all and find official information at the ALAS webpage.

Thank you all for you participation,
Have a great week 5!

Isa, Ale, Javi y Gerson