La Noche Latina

The Noche Latina is the most important event in ALAS activity year. The objective of the Noche Latina is to show, educate and share our culturavalues, traditions, dances and fun with members of the community without Latino heritage, and including them to make them feel as part of the Latino Family.

Every Noche Latina is comprised by typical dances from our countries. Dances such as Sanjuanero, Plena, Salsa, Samba and others have been interpreted by members of our group and the Latino community.

This year, the Noche Latina will include games and activities, so be prepared! You could be randomly selected from the public to interact with us, have a blast and win some cool prices!

For pictures of last years "Noche Latina", see the links in the menu!



Videos and Pictures of the 2013 Noche Latina

The Noche Latina was a complete sucess! thanks to everyone on this amazing group for making it possible and many many thanks to all the dancers, MC's, members of ALAS and volunteers that helped us, but most of all, thanks to all od you that went! It would'n have been a success without your support!!


In case you missed it, here is the playlist of the noche latina, Enjoy!!


Posters and Flyers

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