Due to a lack of student engagement and a saturation of academic honor societies available to students, the OSU chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) is currently not active on campus. OSU inducted its most recent group of ALD students in fall term 2014, but will discontinue invitation and inductions of more students until student interest returns. A brief overview of ALD is provided below for those that want more information. If you have additonal questions, feel free to contact New Student Programs and Family Outreach at OSU at or 541-737-7627.


What is ALD?

Alpha Lambda Delta is a national academic honor society, which recognizes high scholastic achievement during the first year of college. Today Alpha Lambda Delta has over 245 chapters throughout the nation and more than 500,000 students have been initiated into membership.

The Oregon State University Chapter was established in 1933; and since then, has continued in it's long help tradition of upholding the core values of Alhpa Lambda Delta by passing them on to the new found members. Once initiated, an individual holds lifetime membership. Throughout each student’s collegiate career members are encouraged to continue their superior scholastic achievement, to promote intelligent living and high standards of learning, and to develop meaningful goals in service to society.

Alpha Lambda Delta was founded at the University of Illinois in 1924 specifically to honor excellent academic achievement by students in their first year of study in higher education.

The constitution states its purpose as follows: “…to encourage superior academic achievement… to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society.”

In addition to the initial recognition described, the national organization has numerous programs to encourage continued superior classroom performance, such as awards, national workshops, campus activities, and fellowships and scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and professional study.