Your student has been invited to join Alpha Lambda Delta - an honor society with over 80 years of tradition in honoring outstanding students! You should be proud of your son or daughter - he or she has not merely succeeded in their first year of higher education - your student has excelled.  Alpha Lambda Delta can provide lots of opportunities for your student, and we'd like to take this opportunity to answer some of the questions our proud parents often ask...


Why did my son/daughter get invited to join Alpha Lambda Delta?  And what is Alpha Lambda Delta, anyway?

Alpha Lambda Delta is an honor society for students in their first year of higher education.  Membership in ALD is open to all students at an institution with an ALD chapter who have earned a 3.5 of higher GPA in their first year of enrollment.  Your student, in receiving the invitation to join ALD, has already done everything they have to do to show that they are an outstanding student, deserving of the ALD insignia - all they have to do to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Society is to join!

Is this for real?

First, let us say that we understand your concern.  In today's higher education, there are numerous "honor" societies that offer little or no benefit in exchange for a healthy sum.  We're sure that your exceptional student has been contacted by several of these less-than-reputable organizations.  Now, let us tell you what sets Alpha Lambda Delta apart.

  • Alpha Lambda Delta has been around for over 80 years - the Society was founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois by Dean of Women Maria Leonard.
  • ALD was one of the first members of the Association of College Honor Societies - the organization that sets the standard for honor societies in the United States.  All ACHS member Societies are required to meet strict guidelines regarding their membership requirements, governance structures, and operational practices in order to proudly display the ACHS logo.  For more information about ACHS and about the standards for honor societies, please visit the ACHS website and read the Standards Alert.
  • Alpha Lambda Delta offers plenty of opportunities (see below) for very little cost - lifetime national dues are only $20!

What, exactly, is my son/daughter getting for their $20?

Aside from the honor and recognition that come with becoming a member in an academic honor society with over 80 years of tradition, Alpha Lambda Delta offers the following opportunities:

  • Recognition at a chapter initiation ceremony, where he/she will receive a membership certificate and an piece of ALD insignia jewelry.  Parents are encouraged to attend and share in their student's accomplishment.
  • The opportunity to compete for over $150,000 each year awarded as scholarships and fellowships to deserving ALD members.
  • Opportunities to grow as a leader, both at the local and national level.  Students are encouraged to run for local chapter offices, and students are also selected each year to sit on the National Council, the governing body for the entire national organization.
  • Members are allowed to wear ALD Senior Honor Cords at graduation, marking them as exceptional scholars on their special day.
  • Students who maintain the ALD GPA may be awarded ALD senior certificates, and the Maria Leonard Book Award, given to almost 150 outstanding ALD members each year!

Note: Each chapter also has dues that are owed as well; these, like the national dues are only charged one time.


Am I going to be getting a lot of junk mail from Alpha Lambda Delta?

Absolutely not!  Alpha Lambda Delta is one of the few honor societies that will not sell its membership rolls to third parties.  You will never receive junk mail from Alpha Lambda Delta, and we will never allow third parties to contact you "on behalf" of National ALD.  (For more details, please read the ALD Privacy Policy.)

As you can tell, Alpha Lambda Delta can be a fantastic resource for your beginning student.  We encourage you to look around our website, find out more about our Society, and contact us if you have any further questions!