Are you an incoming freshman, a new student, or newly seeking a campus Christian group at OSU? If so, we recommend the following. :

1. Read up on us

Check out the About page. You probably have done this already or were about to before you saw the link to this page. This website is new but we are trying to get more helpful/informational content up as we go.

2. Contact us / Social Media

We love to get emails from students who are interested in CA--especially if their are any questions we can answer for you. Often, if we know you are coming to school, we'll try to find a time to meet up with you so you can get to know who we are a little better. Our staff and interns are great to contact about connecting to the community.

Also, feel free to join our Facebook Group or sign up to be on our E-Mail List Serve. This is the best way to get the latest news about stuff going on.

3. Meet us during welcome week

We have an information table at the Beaver Community Fair. We also have a few events planned each week. See our Calendar for more details.

4. Come join us

Come to our weekly meeting, hang out with us at Dutch Bros, join a community group, play basketball on Wednesday (8-10 pm), or even go do a service project with us. Please don't feel like you need a special invitation. Bring a friend if it makes you more comfortable. More on our different Groups and meetings.