Yuzhu Lin (Kristy)


CAOSU Public Relation Officer


  • Born in Changchun, Jilin
  • Graduated from middle school in China  and moved to the United States in 2008
  • Went to high school in Oregon
  • Currently a junior pre-dental student at OSU

Past leadership experience:

  • President of High School’s Science Olympiad Team

--- led our team to third place in state

  • Treasurer of National Honor Society
  • Chairman of the Volunteer Committee of National Honor Society

--- organized many community service projects, such as sending Christmas cards to troops in

     Iraq and fundraisers for charity.

Work Experience:

  • Bank of America teller

--- learned to communicate and relate to people of different backgrounds and cultures

--- established good relationships with local businesses

  • McDonald’s Restaurant and Chinese Restaurant

--- delivered good customer service and met new people

--- worked well under pressure

What I would like to accomplish for CAOSU:

  • Raise more awareness in the community about the Chinese culture
  • Strengthen our relationships with existing sponsors
  • Look for more sponsorship opportunities from local businesses
  • Raise funding for large events