Mckenzie foster

McKenzie is our Collective Greek Council President. She is a member of and the current chapter president of Phi Sigma Rho. She is also a junior in civil engineering. One of her future career goals is designing buildings and potentially bridges. She enjoys coffee, spending time with friends, and country music, and her favorite animal is a giraffe!



VP of Finance and Administration

Tiffany tepp

Tiffany is our VP of Finance & Administration and is a member of and recruitment chair for Sigma Delta Omega. She is a second year studying Biology with a Pre-Dental option and minors in Chemistry and Business & Entrepreneurship. In her free time she enjoys running, finding new music to listen to, and spending time with friends. Some fun facts about her are that she was once an extra in a TV show, is an avid coffee drinker, and loves cats!



VP of Public Relations 

miriam barnes

Miriam is our VP of Public Relations and is a member of Sigma Delta Omega. She is a third year studying Kinesiology with an option in Pre Therapy Allied Health. Her hobbies include swing and ballroom dancing, writing, and playing ukulele. Some fun facts about her are that her poetry has been published in the Prism at OSU, she knows all the words to the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and she can do a hand stand! 



VP of Programs

sierra blair

Sierra is our VP of Programs and is a member of Chi Theta Phi. She is a junior studying Graphic Design with a minor in New Media Communications. Some of her hobbies include hiking, drinking coffee, exploring new cities, and watching the Office on Netflix. Some fun facts about her are that she has lived in eight states, she is obsessed with pugs, and if she had to eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would be pizza!


Elections for all positions are held during Fall Term.