Our chapter runs with 8 executive officers and additional chairs who oversee various house duties and membership duties for every brother.

Here is a list of the current executive officers and chairs (effective April 2013):

President (Alpha) Graham Steele Oversees the chapter and all external affairs.
Vice President (Beta) Kyle Robles Oversees the chairs, committees, the brotherhood, and all internal affairs.
Secretary (Gamma) Alex Pangares Oversees the communication within the chapter and holds records.
Treasurer (Delta) Jay Fenton Oversees all finances, budgets, and billing within the chapter.
House Manager (Epsilon) Chip Jameson Oversees all house projects, maintenance, and cleanliness within the chapter.
Historian (Zeta) Jake Fischer Oversees all of the chapter history and continues to document the events that occur.
Risk Manager (Eta) Tanner Torkelson
Oversees all risk management and health/safety concerns within the chapter.
Recruitment Chair (Theta) Trevor Bouchard Oversees all prospective, incoming, and transfer students who seek interest in participating and joining the chapter.
Scholarship Chair Nolan Cannady Oversees all academic regulations and enforces academic practices within the chapter.
Community Service Chair Isaac Kolln Oversees service opportunities and enforces chapter engagement with community members.
Social Chair Kevin Bradley Oversees all social relations within the chapter.
Summer Recruitment Chair TBD
Oversees all prospective, incoming, and transfer students who seek interest in participating and joining the chapter with emphasis during the summer term.
New Member Educator Trevor Eisele Oversees all new members and ensures that they learn the beliefs of the Chi Phi Fraternity and enforces that they meet the requirements for becoming a brother within the chapter.
Philanthropy Chair Bredt Pagenstecher

Oversees philanthropy participation within the Greek Community and philanthropy development within the chapter for an outside cause.

Intramural Athletics Chair Brett Bryant Oversees the chapters athletic involvement with the Intramural club sports on campus.
Kitchen Steward Henry Becker Oversees the chapters kitchen duties, formal dinners, and relations with the cooks.
Public Relations Chair Will Renton Oversees the public relations with the university administration and faculty, other Greek Organizations, the IFC, student body, and community.
Alumni Relations Chair Sean Gordon Oversees the alumni relations for the chapter with annual events, newsletters, and recognition.
Tech Chair Aidan Daly-Jensen Oversees all of the technical materials and problems within the chapter.

Tim Chen

Oversees the chapter website.

You may contact members by positions at our Contact page.