Academics is a top priority to our chapter as we acknowledge that Academics should come before any sort of involvement.  In order to ensure that brothers are maintaining academic success, we have established a 2.5+ GPA requirement.

To associate academic studying with involvement, our chapter has developed a program that requires brothers to complete a certain number of study hours per week.  For these study hours, brothers are required to go through a proctor, such as our Scholarship chair, or engage in a non-disruptive study group.

The following is an example of our study hour distribution.

GPA Study Hours per Week
3.3+ 0
>3.3 1
>3.0 3
>2.7 6
>2.5 9

Brothers who do not meet the 2.5+ GPA requirement are placed in our Chapter Academic Probation program.  This generally means that brothers can no longer participate in social events until they demonstrate that they are making academic progress to raise their grades/GPA.

Chi Phi Brothers studying