All prospective members who sign a bid card with the Chi Phi Fraternity will be required to take the New Member Education program before they may become initiated with the fraternity. Depending on the time of the designated rush week by IFC, the program and syllabus of the New Member Education program will be adapted to a specific schedule. New Member Education takes roughly six to ten weeks to complete depending on the status of the current New Member class (also known as Pledge class).

Similar to other chapters within the nation, our chapter requires new members to learn The Creed and The True Gentleman. We also teach and test new members on the National History of Chi Phi and the Local History of the Epsilon Delta Chapter. This information is essential towards understanding the backbones of the fraternity and a sense of the values represented. 

As a requirement set by the Chi Phi National Office, all new members are required to take GreekLifeEdu (free access upon joining). GreekLifeEdu teaches new members about awareness issues in regards to misperceptions within the Greek System, such as Alcohol, Hazing, and Sexual Assault. Members are required to get at least a 70% on the Final in order to enter initiation.

Outside of the curriculum, each pledge class will spend time doing activities together and participate in different modules with active members and alumni.  

For example, some activites include designing and building a project (as a group) that can directly contribute to the chapter.  Previous projects have included building a stage for our basement, raising money to help donate for a Philanthropy, or helping to landscape our property.  

During the New Member process, we try to ensure that each member has a chance to "interview" each active member so that the new and active members can get to know each other on a more personal basis.

Finally, our chapter will have an alumni come to personally speak with the New Members and share their experiences with the fraternity, and the lifetime benefits they have gained as a Brother.

For more information about the New Member Education process, feel free to contact our chair at the Contact page.  For your convenience, some of the materials have been published online, which can be found below!