In part of joining the fraternity, there are term-by-term costs, annual costs, and one-time costs.  When adding them all together, the involvement, experiences, and living-learning community supercede the costs.  To get a better idea of how inexpensive our chapter operates, the following is a breakdown of our operations.  These costs are subject to change pending inflation and cost increases from the National Office.

  • One-time costs:
    • $330 Association Fee (includes Pledging & Initiation, National)
  • Annual costs:
    • $140 Insurance Fee (National)
  • Fraternity costs (per quarter):
    • $100+ Chapter Fee (Local)
      • This fee is combined to contribute in a quarterly chapter budget, voted on by active members and monitored by the Treasurer.  The "+" exists in case the chapter votes and approves on additional billing, such as ordering merchandise or funding a committee.
    • $100 National & Events Fee (National & Local)
      • Majority of this fee goes towards the National Due required by each member.  Left over portions are used to help fund trips to events held by the National Office such as the Regional Leadership Alliance (RLA), a fraternity educational conference that occurs in different regions of the United States.
  • Chapter Housing costs (per quarter):
    • $2275 Room & Board (Local)
      • The Housing costs covers all utilites (water, electric, trash), High-speed Internet, and catered food served during Lunch and Dinner 5-days a week.  All members live in double-rooms and place their beds in one of four sleeping porches.
For simplicity and integrity purposes, our finances are handled by an authorized Greek vendor called OmegaFi.  They help to handle our monthly billing, finances, and budgeting for each term.
For further questions, please feel free to contact our Treasurer.