Our chapter has set a baseline for the criteria that we expect from New Members and Active Members.  Although we understand that not everyone is perfect, the following criteria is an ideal criteria for all members to follow by.  Our chapter does evaluate members on a case-by-case situation to help set goals and work with them in achieving these results, if they are short in one category or another.

The New Member Requirements is a benchmark for what we are looking for from each prospective member during the recruitment process.  Again, we evaluate all members who join Chi Phi on a case-by-case situation, and will always work together towards achieving these goals.  The XV is a benchmark that remains with all members during their time at Oregon State.

New Member Requirements

  1. All incoming and transfer students must enter with a minimum GPA of 2.3, a GPA minimum requirement set by the National Office.
  2. All new members are expected to complete 3 hours of study tables per week.  This provides a chance for them to interact with active members, and to ensure that they are completing their studies during their first term involved with the fraternity.
  3. All incoming and transfer students are expected to have participated in at least one extracurricular (student groups, sports, leadership, etc...) activity prior to joining.  If they have not, they should attempt to join an additional non-Greek association while joining Chi Phi.
  4. All new members are expected to be financially current (ex: pay dues upon joining), or communicating with the Treasurer to discuss a firm payment plan.
  5. All new members are expected to participate in a service event and a philanthropy event.  This provides an opportunity to develop a better understanding about the importance in helping out with the community, and understanding the goals of fundraising for various causes.
  6. All new members must adhere by the expectations of the New Member Education program, which includes: attending Monday Night Dinners; all house (open Chapter) meetings; New Member Education meetings; completing GreekLifeEDU; participating in fraternal ceremonies to learn about the Chi Phi heritage, ritual, and values; completing a project with other New Members; meeting all Active Members; and meeting at least 1 alumni during the term.

The XV

  1. All members, New and Active, must uphold a minimum GPA of 2.3 at all times.  Any member who cannot sustain a GPA above 3.5 is required to participate in Study Hours.
  2. All members must uphold the three core values of Chi Phi: Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity.
  3. All members must complete the GreekLifeEDU program and the Chi Phi New Member Education system.
    1. Prospective members will satisfy this criteria by completing the New Member Requirements.
  4. All members must attend Monday night dinners and Chapter meetings in formal attire, unless excused for scheduled classes.
    1. Due to voting and active member requirements, New Members do not attend closed Chapter meetings; instead, New Members must attend All House meetings, which are open to all members of the fraternity.
  5. All members must attend 75% of all events per term (brotherhood, philanthropy, greek, educational, house projects, community service, social, etc...).  Qualified events are determined by the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
  6. All members must pay their financial dues on time, or setup a payment plan with the house treasurer.
  7. All members must uphold the values of a gentleman at all times, whether in class, out of class, and during social events.
  8. All members must understand that a fraternity is more than just men liiving under the same roof, it is a brotherhood of like men.
  9. All members must adhere to all house rules and Chapter laws.  Failure to do so results in brotherhood review and potential sanctions that must be respected and attended.
  10. All members must be involved in at least one club, organization, philanthropy event, community service project, or others while apart of the chapter.
  11. All members must keep safe, for his entire life, the secrets and traditions bestowed upon him by the chapter.
  12. All members must never disrespect another brother, new member, or potential member in a demeaning way with the intended purpose of emotional or physical manner.
  13. All members must remember that they are attending school for an education, and should place it as a top priority.
  14. All members must never take the house or chapter for granted; members should live with gratitude for others.
  15. All members must instill in themselves the true meaning of brotherhood and Chi Phi.