Why Rush? Why Join CHI PHI?

Here are seven good reasons we think you will like the Greek System and the CHI PHI Fraternity.


The academic portion of your university career is a significant determinant in your future success. One of the primary purposes of CHI PHI is to encourage and develop high scholastic achievements among its members. Our members help and encourage their brothers to achieve high academic standards. Each brother strives for his own and for his brothers academic success.


Everyone in CHI PHI is a leader. Whether you're an officer, a chair, or a committee member, you will learn by doing. You learn how to manage a budget, run effective meetings, speak in public, motivate others, and gain skills that will help in your time here at Oregon State and throughout your life.  In today's society, it takes more than just a degree to get a good job. It takes leadership, experience, and knowledge to get the job and to get it done right.


CHI PHI participates in numerous competitive sports in the Campus Recreation Intramural Leagues and in Greek Sporting Events. Not only do we play, we dominate. In the last year (2012), Chi Phi won the Kappa Alpha Theta Iron Brawl Flag Football tournament!  It is difficult and expensive to get a group of men to participate in Intramural Sports. CHI PHI offers the friends, the team pride, and the competition needed for athletic contests. CHI PHI is a true believer in both sound mind and body, and CHI PHI athletics are healthy steps toward both.


Brotherhood is the foundation of the CHI PHI experience. Every man contributes to this aspect. Brotherhood combines the concept of individualism within the framework of mutual cooperation. As a brother of CHI PHI you will form friendships unlike any other found in other organization.  You will have the chance to meet many individuals with different talents and share your college experience with them. Brothers grow to become closest friends, they will cheer you on when you are successful and support you when the going gets tough.


On your resume, nothing looks better than having volunteer experience. However, it seems the only way to get involved is do it with a groups of people. CHI PHI is committed to helping the community. Projects include, Adopt-A-Highway, the Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis, visiting the elderly, and Habitat of Humanity. Service learning gives you the experience that employers look for.


You just graduated. Now what? In today's economy and job market, it's going to take more than looking at classified ads and job postings. You need to network with people to find the best job available. CHI PHI is one of the best ways to do just that. Throughout your college years, the CHI PHI experience lends itself to a variety of social situations, allowing you to make friends, acquaintances, and opportunities to meet alumni. Those contacts are the keys to getting ahead in the job market and truly succeeding in life.


Now lets pretend you are planning a trip to another city. You need a place to stay, but you don't want to spend too much money. CHI PHI membership allows you to travel to other CHI PHI chapter houses to meet brothers and have a place to stay for free. CHI PHI has 58 chapters nationally making it convenient for travel destinations all over the country. Sometimes, one chapter will get a bunch of brothers together and plan a road trip while staying at several chapters along the way. When you arrive at that chapter house, although you may have never met these brothers before, you share a brotherly bond that makes you an instant friend. When you tie this opportunity with the networking of CHI PHI, you find out that you don't just have 40 or 50 brothers at home.  Instead, you have tens of thousands of brothers across the nation from the day you join until the day you die, a CHI PHI is a CHI PHI for life.

To talk to us about the chapter, just drop us a line! The information that you provide will only be used by the rush officers to make contact with you. If you prefer to communicate electronically, please fill out your information in our recruitment page.

Recruitment Chair: Trevor Bouchard
Phone: (503) 956-7955