With the start of any new year at OSU the AIGA student group is a great way to get involved in the design scene outside of the classroom. In the spring of 2013, the AIGA took it's roots here at OSU, and since then we've seen a huge positive response. We've already done some design work for non charities, collaborated on poster designs, and even went on a few studio tours in Portland. Nike and Weiden & Kennedy to be exact.

With the new school year comes new students, and new creative inspiration. The AIGA student group consists of students who are passionate about design, and movitavted to continue in the pursuit of personal development. Currently we have more than 20 active members. You don't have to be in graphic design to be involved in the group. Whether you're interests lie in photography, or interior design, the AIGA student group has a place for you. Visit the how to be a member section of the site to find out how you can become involved.