We are planning the  first (annual) GSA Welcome (back) to Corvallis Bike Tour for Saturday, Sept. 30th

To gauge interest and to find out how many bikes we may need to rent for the day, please fill out the following survey. We are also looking for ideas of places that YOU might like to stop along the way, so the survey is a great opportunity to customize the experience. It would be great to have as many participants as possible!!


As of now, we have a few general ideas about what stops we would like to see on the bike tour, including: the Saturday market, bald hill, lawn games at one of the many fabulous Corvallis parks, perhaps a pub.. or two, and ending at the UW vs. OSU football game.

This is all subject to change, and a more detailed itinerary will be released as we get closer to the date. The bike tour will probably start around noon and end at 5pm when kickoff is scheduled. However, it may be possible to join up with us at a stop on the tour that is convenient for you, or leave the tour when you need to!

If you are interested in the football game, you can find information for student tickets at the following link: