Name: Angelina Ruiz

Nickname: Karizma

Number: Deuce 2

Klass: "Dont be an eta hata"

Big Sister: Lupe Diaz Llamarada

Little Sisters: Caren Velez (Asombrosa) & Maria Oliva (Chistosa)

Date of Birth: April 29th, 1987

Parents Names: Lisa & Francisco

Number of Syblings: One brother and one sister

Birthplace: Pendleton OR, yeehaw!

Major: Bachelors of Science in Exercise Sport Science

How you heard about GAO: Got an e-mail about their last informational and just went

The thing you find most challenging about GAO: Having to deal with constant criticism and stereotypes of "sorority girls"

The thing you love most about being a sister of GAO: Never being alone, always having someone there for you...