A large part of the hip hop culture is fashion.  What we wear doesn't necessarily represent who you are, but it sure does give a first impression.  In pychology you'll learn that even colors will likely affect the way others view you.  For instance, less than 10 years ago it would be weird for a guy to wear pink.  Then maybe five years ago it became a sort of fad, and it was cool.  Today, nobody cares if a guy wears pink, it just makes them 'fashion' forward.  


The street clothing culture today has progressed more than ever.  Walking down the streets of LA or Seattle, I'll find people wearing the craziest outfits that look really well.  It's amazing to see how much street fashion has progressed.  With the likes of Karmaloop leading the way for small brands to get their name out and become successful, it makes a lot more sense why the culture has grown.  Karmaloop is, in my opinion, the main reason why kids are dressing so much nicer, cleaner, and why it continues to grow.  


Just like dancing, our style in clothes fits our personality.  Don't wear something just because so-and-so is.  Wear what you want, because it fits who you are.  I know that sounds cliché and all, but that's because it is.  You don't have to wear blue jeans and a fitted tee, or start wearing neon pink because every girl is in the gym now.  If you want to wear shorts with a blazer, then go ahead.  Today, you define the clothes no the other way around.  It's the same thing with dancing the person makes the move look good, the move isn't good by itself.  That's why when one dancer does something it can look, literally, 100x better than another person doing the exact same thing!  


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