The officers positions for Hydrophiles include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster, Marys River Watershed Council Representative, and the Symposium Planning Committee Chair. Officers and representatives are elected each year by popular vote of the members. Additionally, as a sponsored student organization the Hydrophiles have a faculty sponsor -- a position which is also determined annually. 

2019-2020 Officers and Advisors

Photo Position Name Information
Co-President Ari Goodman

Arianna is pursuing an M.S. in Water Resources Science. She received her BA in Geology and Biology from Oberlin College in 2013. Prior to starting her M.S. she worked as a research technician in Oregon, Washington, and California where she conducted research on restoration ecology, climate resiliency, and ecosystem responses to extreme events. At OSU, Arianna is using a historical data set of stream morphology in the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest to investigate when and how mountain streams respond to hydrologic extremes.

Co-President Maggie Graham

Maggie likes to climb things and believes swimming in cold water is the key to a long, happy life.

Vice President Ben Roberts-Pierel

Ben likes the shapes formed by ice and snow and thought all the states in the US had only one area code until he was in college.

Treasurer Will Richardson

Will is a second year masters student in Water Resources Engineering. His work focuses on improving our ability to quantify transpiration by connecting eddy covariance evapotranspiration estimates with measurements of tree sap flow and solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) in Pacific Northwest orchard crops. He also works with the Biological and Ecological Engineering department's OPEnS Lab on developing a low-cost, open source sap flow probe. In his free time, Will enjoys hiking/anything involving being outside, reading, and playing the cello.

Secretary Anna Ballasiotes

Anna used to research water but doesn’t anymore despite having permanently inked various water-related symbols onto her body.  Her involvement in Hydrophiles is to justify her life decisions.

Webmaster Kyle Proctor


Kyle is a third year PhD student in Water Resource Engineering co-advised by Dr. Ganti Murthy and Chad Higgins in the Biological and Ecological Engineerign Department. His research aims to better understand, and quantify, crop growth and water use efficinecy in dual-use systems which combine photovoltaic solar panels and agricultural production (Agrivoltaic Systems). When not working in Gilmore Hall Kyle enjoys hiking, camping, and long car rides with a good soundtrack. 


Marys River Watershed Council Representative Tessa Artruc

Tessa is a second year Master's student in Water Resources Engineering under her adviser Desiree Tullos in the Biological and Ecological Engineering department. Her research focuses on numerical modeling of lateral erosion during reservoir drawdown, by evaluating slope stability at varying speeds of water release. In her free time she enjoys hammocking, watching long movies, and cooking incredibly complex meals.

Symposium Planning Committee Chair Leah Cogan

Leah’s favorite plant is Tellima grandiflora and she fears sinkholes above all things.

Mary Santelmann photo Advisor Dr. Mary Santelmann College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Michael Campana photo Advisor Dr. Michael Campana  College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences