Team Description:

The mentoring team facilitates group mentoring for students interested in water.

Our main effort is mentoring first-year grad students and students thinking about applying to grad school at OSU. We have partnered with the Water Resources Graduate Program to offer mentoring to students in the program, as well as other students interested who are intersted in water at OSU. Mentoring sessions occur at least once per term and are led by graduate students who have been at OSU for at least a year. Mentoring sessions help students learn more about the opportunities available for studying water at OSU, offer an informal setting to ask questions about program requirements, and learn more about life as an OSU grad student.

We are also open to other related activities (e.g. mentoring with professionals), and outreach to other student programs on campus if there are interested students.

How to Get Involved:

Contact Holly Mondo if you are interested!