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2016 Scholar of the Year Application

The IFC Scholar of the Year Award is presented to one IFC man who best exemplifies the ideal IFC student at Oregon State University.

This man should have made the most significant contribution in the area of academics and scholarship to their individual chapters and to the Greek and University Community.


Email Address:

Phone Number:


Academic Major/Minor/Option:

Cumulative GPA:

I authorize the Interfraternity Executive Council to verify my GPA with the Registrar’s office


Signature: ____________________________________________________Date: ___________________


Please submit the following with the application:


  1. A letter of recommendation from an Oregon State University academic advisor, professor or teaching assistant. This letter should include your accomplishment and a description of why you are a good candidate for this award.
  2. A cover letter answering the following question:
    1. What contributions do you feel you have made to the Greek, Oregon State and Corvallis community?
    2. What have you gained from your involvements in the Greek community?
  3. A resume containing the following information:
    1. All campus activities, jobs, and offices held since the beginning of freshman year of college. Please provide a brief description of duties.
    2. Describe your fraternity involvement and experience; include any positions held, special awards received, as well as any leadership development or conventions you attend.
    3. List scholarships, honor awards, and honorary clubs that you received or have been involved with during college and any positions held within those organizations.
    4. List and describe all community service that you have participated in during college.
  4. An informal Oregon State University transcript.

Please Email your completed application and letter of recommendation to my email by April 10th, 2016 at Midnight.