Recruitment Schedule


During Fall and Spring Terms, the Interfraternity Council and its fraternities host a variety of events to expose potential new members (PNMs) to the Interfraternity Council Community and the experiences we offer. For details on specifc events, how to join, or other items, please contact either Nicholas Turina ( or Thomas Sangillo (


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Fall 2018 Recruitment Infromation

Throughout Welcome Week, IFC sponsors and hosts a variety of events to engage students at Oregon State and make people aware of upcoming recruitment efforts. Fall Recruitment kicks into high gear during the first two weeks of school. Students interested in IFC Chapters and taking part in recruitment should sign up. During Fall Recruitment, a number of events take place to acclimate students to the Fraternity community. The following is a the schedule for Fall 2018 recruitment!

Week 1

Monday, September 17th: Go Beavs Go Greek Welcome BBQ


Wednesday, September 19th: IFC Fraternity Fair

~ Come to the Memorial Union to visit our chapters tabling. IFC will be present to answer questions about the week and chapters will be providing schedules for Chapter Events the following week.                                      

Thursday/Friday, September 20-21st: IFC Fraternity Presentations and Open Houses

~ This event will include opportunities see presentations and the housed chapters properties. The days will be seperated based on location of the chapter houses.

Saturday , September 22nd: Recruitment Pause

~ No events will take place on Saturday, September 22nd. Potential new members are not allowed to be present on Fraternity property's or affiliated properties from 8 AM on Saturday through 8 AM on Sunday. Chapters found in violation of this rule will

face strict repercussions.


Week 2

Sunday - Friday, September 23-28th : Chapter Events

~ These will be individual events with chapters that are not organized by IFC and will need to be in contact with individual chapters for their events. It is recommended to take   advantage of these days to talk to the chapters that interest you the most. 

Saturday, September 29th 8 AM: Jump Day

~ This is an Oregon State Tradition where you will be thrown into the arms of the brothers you have chosen. This event will take place at the Memorial Union.


Spring Recruitment

Early in each spring term, Spring IFC Recruitment takes place at OSU. Generally, there is a week full of events such as tabling, open houses, chapter events, and Jump (ceremony for all members who join the IFC community). The following is a mock

schedule of a typical Spring recruitment period.

Wednesday, Week 1: IFC Tabling in the Memorial Union Quad

~ IFC Executive Board members will be in the Quad to answer any questions PNM might have about joining the IFC community and upcoming recruitment events. 

Thursday, Week 1: IFC Fraternity Recruitment Fair in the Memorial Union Ballroom

~ IFC Fraternity Spring Recruitment Fair is an opportunity for PNM to visit all chapters participating in spring recruitment in one location. Be sure to visit all chapters and bring your questions. 

Friday, Week 1: IFC Chapter Presentations in LINC 210

~ Chapters will present a brief overview about their fraternity history, finanical obligations, and much more. All PNM will be provided with a schedule of chapter events for next week.

Saturday-Thursday Week 1-2: Individual Chapter Events

~ These will be individual events with chapters that are not organized by IFC. Please use this time for meeting members of chapters and find your place in the IFC community. 

Friday-Week 2 Jump Day at Memorial Union Steps!

~ This is an Oregon State Tradition where you will be thrown into the arms of the brothers you have chosen. This event will take place at the Memorial Union at 5pm.


Informal Recruitment

Students who are interested in joining a fraternity are able to join at any point of the calendar year. Although you are able to join a fraternity at any point, it is recommended to join earlier in order to reap the most benefits from being in a brotherhood. If you are concerned about the time commitment or any academic conflicts, reach out to the chapters you are interested and they can help guide you through the process. 


After an incoming freshman signs up for recruitment, they will be contacted by recruitment chairmen of fraternities and be invited to summer events. These events may include rafting trips, BBQs, paintballing, or camping trips. This recruitment period is by far the best way to experience many different fraternities on a personal level. An invitation to join a fraternity (called a Bid) can be given at any time during the summer. Joining over the summer does not mean new students must live in the fraternity house when the year starts, however the AHP Program allows new members to live in select chapter houses if they so choose.

Academic Year

During the year is also a great way to meet and join a fraternity. Either sign up or contact the recruitment chair of the fraternity you are interested in.

Throughout the year, IFC men are engaging in philanthropy, leadership development, pursuit of academic success, networking, community service, and brotherhood activities. All of the activities that IFC Chapters are taking part in are prime opportunities for Potential New Members to get to know brothers, and see what life is like in the IFC Community!