Oregon State Interfraternity Council Fraternities are what many consider traditional fraternities. We are all-male organizations that recruit quality men to improve the indvidual as well as the organization. The vast majority of IFC fraternities are over a century old and are steeped in timeless values. Joining a fraternity will improve your social opportunities, acedemics, and overall college experience. For more information on what an IFC Fraternity experience is about, check out the Parents & Prospectives Member page.

Steps to Becoming a Member of A Fraternity:

1. Sign up for the IFC recruitment list

Your contact information will be sent directly to the recruitment chairmen of each chapter and they will contact you to discuss their recruitment program. To speed up this contacting process, feel free to call or email recruitment chairmen directly through their chaper websites.

2. Check out the chaper profiles/chapter webistes and contact chapters you are interested in

Most chapers have very up to date websites that have contact information, chapter values and chapter statistics. Each chapter is a little different, so research as best as you can which chapter will suit you. Many chapters have individual chapter recruitment sign ups as well.

3. Attend Chapter Events

After getting in contact with a recruitment chairman, the chairman will extend opportunities and events to get to know the brotherhood. Some events include rafting trips, paintballing, BBQs and sporting events. Usually just casual opportunites to build connections within the fraternity.

4. Recieve a Bid

After you have spent enough time with the fraternity and the fraternity deems you to be of adequate character and merit, they will give you a "Bid". A bid is simply an invitation to join the fraternity. You may recieve bids from several different fraternities. Once you accept a bid, you are considered a pledge of that fraternity.

The Interfraternity Council has its own set of bid cards that it collects from chapters. While you may receive bids from different organizations, once you accept one particular bid from a chapter, ensure that you complete the IFC Bid Card as well.

5. Become a new member of the fraternity

The new member process varies significatly among fraternites. While a new member you will continue to build connections with the active brothers and learn about the fraternity. The fraternity will guide you to brotherhood as long as you hold yourself to their standards. The vast majority of new members do become members in the end.

6. Initiate

Through some traditional ceremony, the fraternity of your choice will make you a full brother. This is generally a secret proccess that will connect you with the history of your fraternity and the men in it.