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About Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB)

Mediators Beyond Borders is a non-profit, humanitarian organization established to partner with communities worldwide to build their conflict resolution capacity for preventing, resolving, and healing from conflict. This partnership involves the design and implementation of sustainable peace building initiatives responsive to the needs and culture of the communities and to the history of each conflict.

Mission: MBB brings together mediators and allied professionals to volunteer worldwide to collaborate on building conflict resolution capacity in underserved areas to make local peace-building more effective and sustainable. MBB advocates to advance the use of mediation to resolve public policy disputes and other conflicts.

Vision: Building sustainable conflict resolution capacity for a more peace "able" world.

OSU Chapter: The OSU Chapter is an official student affiliate of Mediators Beyond Borders.


Who We Are

The Oregon State University Chapter of Mediators Beyond Borders was created by a group of students passionate about making a difference in their community and around the world through the promotion of collaborative problem solving and peaceful conflict resolution. 


What We Do

We host workshops and conflict resolution trainings, volunteer to facilitate discussions to improve our school and community, and plan professional development activities to increase students' ability to manage and transform conflict.  MBB members learn a variety of techniques to deal with conflicts and build collaboration both personally and professionally.


Join Us!

Our meetings (bi-weekly) and activities (ongoing) are open to anyone interested in mediation and conflict resolution. Email to be added to the chapter mailing list.

For updates on our current activities and upcoming meetings: check out our blog and follow us on Facebook!