Criterion for Membership

Full membership

  1. All undergraduate, nationally chartered general fraternities and sororities recognized by OSU may be eligible for membership in the MGC. Each fraternity/sorority must have a national office location and alumni officers.
  2. The national organization must be established for at least 5 years or the national organization must have at least 15 established chapters and/or colonies. Member organizations may also hold membership/associate membership in one of the other Greek governing organization at OSU (i.e. IFC, PHC, NPHC).
  3. Local fraternities and sororities may be eligible for full membership in the MGC after successfully fulfilling all of the requirements of an associate member and receiving a vote to affirm membership.

Associate membership

  1. Any local fraternity or sorority or newly chartering national organization seeking membership in the MGC shall be eligible for associate membership after they have been approved as a recognized student organization by the OSU Student Activities Committee.
  2. All new organizations must serve as an associate member for 2 (two) academic terms before being eligible for full membership.