Nutrition and Dietetics Club

General Meeting

February 11th, 2014

  1. Announcements: Undergraduate Student Council Coffee Talk tomorrow at Hallie Ford center lobby at 3:30 with Dr. Neilann Horner: free coffee and tea
  2. Danielle McNaughton:

Danielle is an OSU alum and current OSU dietetic intern, did a lot of volunteer work in her undergrad, and was an NDC officer. Practice for interviews when you are getting your internship application together. Ultimately, the internship has been better than school. (hooray!)

Q. Did you do anything to prepare over the summer?

A. I just worked and took the summer off from nutrition and got all of my paperwork together for my internship.

Q. What is the biggest challenge?

A. Being the new girl every month and realizing how much I don’t know. Also not knowing a lot of medications. Some of the counseling was also tricky and very uncomfortable at first. Seeing the reality of what people are struggling with or even dying from has been hard.

Q. What rotations have you had so far?

A. Corvallis School District, GROW Healthy Kids research project, WIC (more basic nutrition)

Salem Health Hospital- I’ve learned the most from this rotation site. I had to calculate tube feedings on the first day.

Q. What is your commute like?

A. I live in Albany and have had 2 rotations in Corvallis and 1 in Salem but will do an 8 week rotation in Portland and will probably move up there.

Q. Have you had any challenges with preceptors?

A. I had one preceptor who wasn’t an RD and that was a bit challenging because she didn’t understand what I needed to learn.

Q. What are your homework assignments like?

A. Presentations, menu planning, recipes, handouts, newsletters in addition to 40 hour/week work schedule.

Additional tips: start accumulating professional work clothes (slacks etc.) now, figure out how you are going to budget for additional gas etc.

Minutes submitted by Nova Elwood, NDC Secretary