Sorry for the delay in getting these posted! Here are the notes from the Week 2 meeting of Winter 2016:

At the week 2 NDC meeting, Dr. Mary Cluskey, PhD, RD., the OSU Dietetic Internship Director, and Michelle Bump, MS, RD, CSR, LD., the OSU Internship Coordinator came and spoke about the OSU DI Program. OSU students in the nutrition and dietetics program tend to be strong and have a high reputation at programs throughout the nation. The OSU DI currently has 12 slots and focuses heavily on clinical rotations (for 10-11 weeks), since clinical tends to be the most challenging part of the RD exam. Throughout the 1,200-hour requirement, there are 6-7 rotations total and OSU has a 100% pass rate.

Some tips Dr. Mary Cluskey and Michelle Bump had for students in the dietetics program is to be well versed with nutrition related experiences, maintain a good GPA and be true to yourself when it comes to interests in the nutrition field as well as in interviews.

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