Actuarial Science Minor

The Actuarial Science minor helps students focus on coursework that is relevant to Actuarial Science topics. Some of the courses are also approved VEE courses. Learn more about the Actuarial Science Program at OSU, and learn more about the Actuarial Science Minor requirements.

Validation by Educational Experience

The Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) are required courses that cover three topics: Economics, Corporate Finance, and Applied Statistical Methods. While still getting a degree at OSU you can complete several of these requirements independently or with the aid of courses offered at OSU. The VEE topics are not prerequisites for taking the preliminary exams, but they can add insight for better understanding the material you’ll be studying to pass the exams.

 At Oregon State University there are courses offered that satisfies the VEE requirements. There are also alternative options outside of OSU that can fulfill these VEE requirements.

Find out which courses at OSU fulfill the VEE requirements by visiting the VEE Search Directory and searching for OSU. You can also select the "Alternative Options" at any stage to see what else you can do to fulfil the VEE requirements. There are three categories to look at, VEE Applied Statistical Methods, VEE Economics, and VEE Corporate Finance.  Click on each tab to see what courses fulfill that VEE requirement. Make sure to read the “Additional Requirements” as multiple courses may be required to fulfill a single VEE requirement. You can also access it directly here.

After passing two exams, you can officially apply to get your VEE added to your record.  For more information on the VEE and how to apply, click here.