Angela Nguyen

Angela is our CGC President and is a member of Sigma Delta Omega! She is currently a senior studying Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. Her hobbies include reading memoirs written by political figures, CrossFit, and trying new spicy foods! Some fun facts about her are that she speaks 4 languages, is very bad at math, and loves dogs! 


VP of Administration

Nate Rees

Nate is our CGC VP of Administration and is a member of Delta Lambda Phi! He is a senior studying Enviornmental Chemistry with a minor in Toxicology. Some of his hobbies include reading history books, building model sets, and playing video games. Some fun facts about him is that he played in the Little League World Series, he collects trains, and his favorite food is chocolate chip cookies! 



VP of Public Relations and Finance 

Katelyn Schrum

Katelyn is our VP of Public Relations as well as our VP of Finance and a member of Sigma Delta Omega! She is a junior studying Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Medicine with minors in Fisheries and Wildlife and Chemistry. Her hobbies include watching netflix and doing hip-hop dance. Some fun facts about her is that she performed on Broadway in New York, her favorite color is yellow, and she loves sloths! 


VP of Programs

Mila Bakker 

Mila is our VP of Programs and is a member of Phi Sigma Rho! She is a senior studying Chemical Engineering. Some fun facts about her is that she has been Scuba Certified since she was 12, and that is she is an adrenaline junkie and loves rollercoasters! 


Elections for all positions are held during Fall Term.