Tabletop Thursday, Winter Week 3

Wasn't the LAN great? Crazy amounts of good games, I think I only played about 2 hours of PC games in that 30 hours LAN. 
We've also gained a lot of new members due to it. Welcome everybody! Come to TTT for a little more chill event that's usually 10-20 people.

Does God Exist, and Does It Matter?

Join us to watch Dr. Michael Shermer and Fr. Lucas Laborde debate the existence of God.

The debate starts at 7:00 pm in the Milam Auditorium.

The event is free and open to the public. We hope you can join!

Civil War LAN 6

Register on LANREG.

Event starts Friday January 16th at 8pm and ends on Sunday January 18th at 5pm. There will be plenty of sponsorship (more info on that coming soon) with a sweet raffle.

Tabletop Thursday, Winter Week 1

Any requests on what to play or questions on what we have? Email Will (Tabletop guy),  or post on the Facebook page.

Bring a super cool game you've always wanted to show off but never had the chance. Bring a friend who you think would like it!

Facebook Event

Mentorship Pizza Party

We will have pizza and computers available for anyone interested in filling out the mentorship survey and participating Winter and Spring terms. The mentorship survey will be used to pair lower division students (those who have not taken Paradigms yet) with upper division students. Being paired with a physics major with experience in research and upper level classes is great introduction to the physics department.

Christian Veterinary Fellowship

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Swing Dance -- November 7th

Join us for an evening of dancing at OSU.


8-9 p.m. : Beginner lesson on musicality

9-11 p.m. : Dancing to music DJed by TBA