The Oregon State University PicoSatellite Project participates in several community outreach events during each academic year. Through these events are aimed at students in local high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. These events get young students involved with OSU faculty and students. The goal of these outreaches will be to gain the interest of students in fields related to science and engineering. Students will be brought to campus to tour the satellite projects group workspace, the OSU Wave Research Center, and the OSU Nuclear Reactor Test Facility. The group has a team which is comprised of faculty and students from the chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering departments. Interdepartmental contacts and resources will be utilized throughout these events. The OSU-PSP realizes that students in the local elementary schools, grade schools, and high schools will make up the next generation of scientists and engineers. These outreach events provide these students with an introduction to modern technical topics and an open line of communication with students and faculty at Oregon State University. These outreach events will specifically seek to involve rural and underprivileged schools that do not typically get a lot of opportunities to work collaboratively with local Universities.