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Recruitment is a big part of Sorority life at OSU. This is how we grow and thrive as organizations. This page is here to help with some of the questions you may have about recruitment. 

Formal Recruitment for sororities takes place during fall term, and over the course of the first two weekends of the term, you will get a chance to meet members of all eleven National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters and one associate member sorority here on campus as well as take tours of some of the chapter houses. Formal Recruitment is an exciting and fun process that will give you a good look at sorority life. For more information on Formal Recruitment, please contact Alex Gowen at 

Language you might hear:

  • PNM (Potential New Member): This is a woman that is interested in going through the recruitment process. We also call all women registered for recruitment PNMs.
  • Gamma Chi: This woman has disaffiliated from her chapter for the period of recruitment to assist the PNMs through the recruitment process. Gamma Chis are there to help with everything from handing out schedules each day, to being a counselor to talk to with questions, to giving advice throughout the week. While they cannot talk about their specific chapter, they are trained to talk about their experiences to help you make the right decision for yourself.
  • Recruitment Event: An event where PNMs are visiting the chapters and getting to talk to the members during Formal Recruitment. These are set times given by the Gamma Chi each morning for their schedule of the day. PNMs are not allowed to skip any parties they have been invited to, missing a party will result in the PNM being removed from recruitment.  
  • Bid: An invitation to join a Greek chapter. Bids will be given out and will be the beginning of Bid Day where the PNMs officially become New Members of their sorority. 
  • Philanthropy: Each chapter will have a philanthropy, which is the event held throughout the school year hosted to raise money for a specific cause. While each chapter will host their own event, many Fraternities and Sororities participate in each other's events to raise even more money and build community and friendships within our Greek life.
  • Panhellenic Council: The umbrella organization that governs our 11 Panhellenic chapters. Our Panhellenic Executive Council is made of 11 positions held by women of the different chapters who organize and run events around campus, help to build a stronger Panhellenic and overall Greek community and represent our organizations to the entire Corvallis community and beyond. 

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